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We continue the series of publications dedicated to our friends from abroad, which help us to embark on the path of democracy and European values.

Today’s article, created on the basis of a private investigation by our partner, journalist Branko Geroski, who dealt with the issues of connections between foreign diplomats and employees of embassy structures and NGOs, and their connections in the Macedonian media and politics space.

Our editorial office managed to find out that one of the close “Partners” (in the general and modern European understanding of this term) was the British Ambassador to Macedonia Charles Garrett. The ambassador, positioning himself as a respectable family man with four children and a beautiful wife, was too tolerant of the Pride theme, rainbow flags and Tchaikovsky, despite the fact that he was Russian. It is no coincidence that the contacts between Charles and Boki 13 moved from the channel of business communication to a more intimate and mysterious field. A field of love, wine and honey.

Boki 13 (aka Bojan Jovanovski)

The meetings of two handsome and glamorous people took place at 6 Goce Delcheva Blvd., in Skopje, in the building of the National University Library. By a strange coincidence, it also houses the office of the British Consil, a British NGO that is responsible for grants and funding for many projects that lead to the “democratization” of Macedonia, putting the entire Macedonian government under control.

The National Univercity library

Our heroes spent their weekends and evenings after a hard day in gay-friendly bars in Skopje: The St. Patrick Irish Pub on Kej 13 Noemvri and Izlet Kafe on Nikola Trimpare, Kapistec. But most of the time, friends rested in the White Horse bar and the Meduza nightclub, owned by the cameout gay Boris Sidovski.

Boris Sidlovski

Sooner or later, Boki 13 began to introduce the Englishman to his friends, and most of all, Charles was carried away by Boris. Even more then Boki 13, unfortunately. He was fascinated by the glamour and splendor of the bright life of the Skopjian gay, and despite the poorness of our country, the rainbow community lives in brightness and richness. This should be the true scent of Democracy, -Charles often thought as he lay in Sidovsky’s Meduza spa, steamed with hot oils with a Balkan spice.

It should be noted that Boki 13 was weighed down by this connection, because he, as a real Macedonian patriot, was driven by high feelings, a desire to get rich at the expense of the enemy, and a clear understanding of the prospects that helped an ordinary media person and TV presenter jump high into the deep waters of Macedonian politics.

At the suggestion of Garrett, Boki 13 enters the International Union of Civil Society, and gradually moves away from the first roles of the first president and founder, and receives this status, but not very influential position. At that time, this organization was nominal, and did not have much news.

Real, masculine power, she was endowed with the union of Boki 13 and Charles, attracting to the activity of the Union of public and political figures, such as the deputy from the SDSM Frosina Remensky, the deputy Stefan Bogoev, the presenters Lila Filipovska and Jovana Stoimenovic, the minister Ilyinka Mitreva. We know the sad story of Boki 13 – political racketeering, accusations of corruption, the collapse of an already weak reputation, and as a result, a prison term of 9 years. The fate of his favorite, Charles Garrett, is more optimistic – he left to conquer Kyrgyzstan, a former republic that broke away from the Soviet Union, like Macedonia once did from Yugoslavia. There are many problems that need to be addressed – homophobia, lack of democracy and corruption. We are sure that our hero will succeed, because he always has something to rely on in people, wherever he is, leaving behind trouble, bitterness, poverty and emptiness.

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