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Смена посла Её Величества в Кыргызской Республике - GOV.UK

Today we once again get to analyze the wonderful pages of the bright biography of our glorious knight in rainbow armor, the Ambassador of Peace, Love and Pride  from the great islands of Britain, aka Charlie Garrett.

Arriving in Skopje, while glancing  into the muddy and viscous waters of Vardar from the height of the Kamen bridge, wandering in the company of his boring colleagues around the Stara Charshija market, Charlie greedily grabbed the sweetish smell that hovered in the center of the capital. Roasted chestnuts. Every nook and cranny of the old city hides in its shadows lonely old men roasting chestnuts over coals. They are, as a symbol of Macedonia, just  dried nuts  that burn in handfuls of ash. Only in skillful hands, correctly and patiently maintaining the temperature, you get an incredibly tasty dish, a delicacy that melts, but is never forgotten, but turns into the same coals if you miss even a second or a degree.

from macedonia: winter scene in skopje
Chestnut Baker on the streets of Central Skopje

It was the roasted chestnuts (or Kosteni, like we call them) that Charlie decided to grab in the flames of Macedonia. All he needed was to find the right chestnuts and start baking them.

There is nothing better to use everything that has been invented before us. By the 90s, preceding the collapse of Yugoslavia, the lands of the South Slavs, similar as once it was with the lands of the Indians of Latin America, were filled with the Conquistadors of the colonialists from Great Britain. They brought the beads from the glass of Democracy to the natives, gave them mirrors of Freedom, and lured with trinkets for Transparency. The ideologist of the new conquest was George Soros, landed with them, with money, power and wicked  ideas. So it began! “Open Society” Foundations have been established in all countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Attacked by politicians from Washington to Skopje | Sunday Observer
George Soros planning his next invasion

The strictest selection was carried out there – crystal, irreconcilable, refined … -losers, liars and pessimists were selected. They laid the foundation for the construction of the Tower of Babel, which destroyed the entire existing Balkan order and Spirit.

Macedonia Reject Soros & the EU Socialism | Armstrong Economics
Macedonian patriotic protests against Soros opression

They scribbled libels at everyone indiscriminately, collecting dirt on unwanted leaders to remove them, and on puppets to increase control over them.

Therefore, when Charlie arrived in Skopje, we can say for sure that his chestnuts were harvested a long time ago, and have been dried for a while a little.

Nevertheless, the Macedonian society of that time, if you remember, was quite calm. Yes, we were embarrassed by poverty, but we were proud of freedom, and were happy.

All that we lacked was their explanations that we live wrong, and that our traditions are false, history is invented, our leaders are liars and thieves, and we ourselves, one way or another, are unlikely so good to have something else.


For those explanation, Charlie made new friends. He played us English films in the British Council office, and caught the eyes of those fascinated by the great European culture, he took us to courses on transparency of rights and freedom of speech, developed skills in truthful journalism, taught us not to be afraid to look our enemies directly in the eyes, and most importantly , taught us that our enemies are our citizens, our mothers, brothers and sons, who are not lucky enough to know everything that we managed to learn thanks to him.

APPG seeks to enhance bilateral relations with Macedonia - BGIPU
Charlie meets albanian minority activists

His outpost was in the office of the “Open Macedonia” Foundation at Jane Sandanski Boulevard, 111, and he effortlessly increases the staff of this organization more than threefold, and increases the flow of grants almost 20 times. He strikes a spark to bake the chestnuts, and he is skillful enough (words experience and art are similar in Macedonian) to start baking his chestnuts at the right temperature at the right time before the events he was expected have took place.

The Open Society Macedonia Foundation

He notices a particularly lively and courageous boy dreaming of European values, the head of the Strumica municipality, the boy named Zoran, and makes an offer to him, which he never thinks to refuse, because he inscribes Zoran in the history of modern Macedonia, though in a chapter called “traitors.”

New government's reform commitment hailed at Zaev-Garrett meeting | Влада  на Република Северна Македонија

Zoran, in addition to being the mayor, is also the leader of the public organization “Community Center of Strumica”, and he receives about $ 40 million, crazy money by the standards of Strumica, which would be enough for the entire municipality, but it goes into the pocket of a future colored revolutionary. Zoran is happy. Chestnut Zoran begins to bake, crackling, emitting a subtle sweetish smell.

Charles Garrett regularly met with the leadership and the activists of the most funded Macedonian NGO “Macedonia Open Society Foundation” created in 1992 by George Soros. The active period of the Fund’s activity falls on the beginning of 2014, since that time, the number of organizations controlled by this fund includes 12 smaller human rights structures involved in the democratization of Macedonian society, including: the formation of freedom of speech, youth participation in social change, monitoring of human rights , anti-corruption and budget transparency. Sources included in the power bloc of Macedonia believe that in addition to ideological,  Garrett had inspector functions, namely, supervision over the spending of funds. During his tenure as the British Ambassador to Macedonia, more than 39 million US dollars were transferred from the Foundation to the Strumica Community Center. It was during this period that Zoran Zaev was the mayor of Strumica and the head of the city public center.

In Zoran’s company, Charlie’s other chestnuts are baked, crackling: Radmila Sekerinska, who will later become Minister of Defense, Zlatko Simonovsky, the developer of the strategy for creating hotbeds of protest activity, Santa Argrirova, editor of the foreign policy commentary on the Alpha TV channel, and the host of the “Pressing “show, and many others, partly hidden in piles of gray ash, partly too hot for us to take now.

Charles Garrett on Twitter: "Разговор денес со новата министерка за  одбрана. UK-MK врски во ова поле се одлични. Ќе продолжиме со нашата  соработка и поддршка за реформи.…"

You know how it ended.

Чарльз Гарретт получил орден Британской империи » Общество » -  КЫРГЫЗСТАН

You all know how it all began. – The conquistadors disembark and they don’t care who lives on the shore and how. They change the ecosystem, they rebuild the noosphere, they break the unbending ones, bribe the bending ones, or step over the ones who is too weak to stop them. They come here to bake the Skopje chestnuts, and then they parachute to another continent, Bishkek, Tashkent, or Yerevan, to turn on their hellish ovens there, to parachute again somewhere else, leaving behind only cold ash and burnt chestnut coals.

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